Lockable Gas Springs


Lockable gas springs have the mechanism that enables the piston rod to be locked at any position in its stroke. This mechanism is triggered by a plunger that is linked with the rod. When this plunger is pressed the rod becomes free to operate as compression gas springs. When plunger is released at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position. The Internal Design of the lockable gas springs consist of components such as piston rod, piston valve, cylinders, guides, seals etc. Inside Pressure is generated by gas(nitrogen) and oil inside the cylinder.

We offer three types of locking gas springs with the following characteristics in locked position.


Technical Specifications
All dimensions in mm
Type Rod (A)

Tube (B)

Stroke (L1) Threads Length Thread Size F1 force (Newtons)
SB22 10 22 Min Max 20 M10 x 1.0 150 to 800
20 300
SB28 10 28 Min Max 20 M10 x 1.0 150 to 1150
20 500
  Variants Available: Rigid Locking, Spring Locking, Release Pin on Tube, Tension Locking  


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